When adding to your family, surrogates become an important part of the equation. How do you even begin to show your gratitude to these women who have given you such a profound gift?

Treat your surrogate with these gifts; a small “thank you” for the gift they have given you.

Personalized Necklace
A custom piece of jewelry could be a lovely present for a surrogate.  You can even have the surrogate's name on the necklace.

Night Out
Pick a restaurant she would like, hire a sitter if they have kids, and treat your surrogate to a well-deserved night out. This gift will always be a winner!

Pregnancy Journal
A pregnancy journal is a wonderful way to document the journey from matching to birth and is a wonderful surrogacy keepsake.

Yummy Tea for Tough Mornings
Delicious and soothing teas will mean a lot to these amazing surrogates. You can purchase  individual teas or cute gift bundles that come with a tote bag-perfect for surrogates!

A Day at the Spa
Pamper your surrogate with a day of rest and relaxation at a local spa. For a more modest gift, treat her to cute bag filled with products to transform her home into a spa. Fill it with nail polish, body lotions and scrubs and even her favorite magazines or books.

Don’t forget her family!
A truly touching show of thanks would be to include her children in the holiday gift giving. This really shows that the intended parents care about her and the people they love.

A Photo Shoot
Involve your surrogate in a pregnancy photoshoot, it is something that you both will treasure. It is also a great photo to show your child when he or she gets older, if you so choose.

Pamper Basket 
Gather fun magazines, soothing lotions and candles, chocolates, and maybe even some gift cards for a pamper basket for a much needed pick-me-up.

Now that you have your gifts for your surrogate, enjoy the exciting moments after she receives  the gift(s)! Our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception, looks forward to helping you further build and enhance your family in the near future. Give us a call.