Your surrogate is giving you the greatest gift you could ever imagine… your child. Some intended parents like to thank the woman who has given so much, in a special way. Here are a few ideas of special, meaningful gifts intended parents could give their surrogates.

– Spa Treatments. Who wouldn’t love a day of pampering? You could choose to give it to her while she’s still pregnant. Many spa facilities and women centers specialize in pregnant massages. Or, intended parents could wait until after she delivers the baby and have her enjoy a day to herself.

– Pamper Basket. Include her favorite magazines, soothing lotions and some gift cards to her favorite restaurants or stores. A basket full of goodies just for her, will always be a welcome treat.

– Specialized services. How nice would it be to surprise her with a maid service for a day? Who wouldn’t love a clean house? A gift to help her would make a happy surrogate, indeed.

Have other suggestions? What would you love to get if you were a surrogate?