Making an annual list of New Year’s resolutions is an enduring tradition. It dates back to the ancient Romans, who customarily made a show of promising the god Janus that they would behave better over the next 12 months than they had in the past year. But while Janus was the patron deity of new beginnings, he also provided a convenient excuse. If a citizen of Rome didn’t actually follow through with his various self-improvement vows, he could always shrug it off by explaining that it was Janus’ will. Then, presumably, he could just go on gorging himself at banquets or betting excessively on gladiator fights.

Sounds familiar? A couple of millennia later, we’re pretty much doing the same thing that the Romans did. We may finally decide to research becoming an Intended Parent yet procrastinate. You may come to the realization that you need to partner with a surrogacy agency, make the phone call yet hesitate to completely follow through. As a potential surrogate mother, you may decide to start the surrogacy process by eating healthy and exercising yet consistently overindulge and delay working out. For one reason or the other, these resolutions sometimes do not come to pass, no matter how well-intentioned.

But with all the practice we get at making resolutions year after year, why aren’t we doing better at keeping them? We suspect that one reason is that while losing weight or quitting smoking (two of the top resolutions) are worthy endeavors, they sound rather boring and involve a lot of self-denial. This year, why not make some positive and creative New Year’s resolutions? Here are a few that you might actually be able to keep.
1)Trust your instincts-if your heart tells you to become an Intended Parent, research it and act on it.
2)Stop procrastinating-you know how much you yearn for your baby. Call a surrogacy agency such as Shared Conception and make it happen.
3)Learn to take risks-becoming a surrogate mother is a risk. Taking on the role as an Intended Parent is a risk. They are both ultimately rewarding!
These are just a few resolutions that are realistic and fulfilling. These are resolutions that can possibly have a long-term impact on your life. Let’s get started on our personal success in 2014!