States such as California are making new strides in making some people’s dreams come true. They are offering surrogacy to HIV positive intended parents.

Participants in the HIV program go through the same process as other clients with the addition of an extensive health screening and preparation process for the sperm which virtually eliminates any risk of exposure to the surrogate or embryo. This process is called sperm washing. (Sperm washing rests on the premise that HIV-infected material is carried primarily in the seminal fluid rather than in the sperm itself. The technique involves separating sperm from seminal fluid. Many men with the disease show no material trace of the virus in their sperm. Therefore it is viable to use for implantation.

The program in California sponsored by Growing Generations is now available not only to citizens of the U.S. but to international clients as well due to the Obama administration’s lifting of the restriction on visas for HIV-positive foreigners. Over 10 babies have been born to HIV positive parents in California. Surrogacy Abroad Inc. has just created a program for HIV parents to receive a surrogate in India. So far eleven babies have been born to HIV positive parents under this program. The babies nor the surrogates were infected. Thailand is another country that has also recently opened its doors to positive intended parents for surrogacy.

Do you agree with the new direction surrogacy is taking to help those with HIV to become parents?