Pregnancy in the summer can be hard because it is scorching hot! But look on the bright side! You can float; getting some relief from gravity. Find a pool and hop in! Well, don’t hop. Step in safely. Relaxing in the water will not only cool you down but can be a great form of exercise and take some of the discomforts from achy backs and feet. You will feel weightless! Pool time will also help de-stress, and it’s fun for the whole family!


To get the most out of floating, make sure you are in a comfortable position. A flotation device such as a noodle, raft, or sling can help with that. You can even use multiple floatation devices, depending on how far along you are. Floating can support you, the baby, and help keep your head above water. Being in the pool is also an excellent opportunity to float belly down (but not for too long) and release the weight of a growing uterus pushing against your organs. Pro tip: for lower back relief, put the pool noodle under your knees.


Floating can be exercise as well as support. It’s low impact, and easy on your joints. Swimming maintains muscle tone and increases your endurance. You will feel energized, refreshed, cool and confident this summer with some pool time. Swimming while pregnant has been shown to ease sciatic pain, reduce morning sickness, and improve your labor and delivery.

Safety measures

Please use caution when in a pool. Never swim alone. Notify someone if you feel light-headed and stay hydrated. Always check for water depth. Depending on what body of water you decide to plunge into, be aware of your surroundings, especially with smaller bodies of water. Avoid contamination and water-borne illnesses. Most importantly, say no to hot tubs. You do not want to raise your body temperature or increase a miscarriage or birth defects risk. It’s best to leave these alone for now.

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