Whether or not you are looking into surrogacy to expand your family, becoming a surrogate or you are already in the middle of a journey, the recent pandemic has changed everything in this world, including surrogacy. It is only natural to have questions about COVID-19 and how it may impact your plans. Here are some common questions and answers about the recent changes.

  1. Has COVID impacted surrogacy schedules? Assisted reproductive treatments, including IVF were put on hold for a couple months and slowly resumed in May in Texas. However, the hold went a bit longer for other states, depending on that state’s restrictions.
  2. Have rates and related-costs for surrogacy changed? COVID-19 has not increased any of our agency-related fees with Shared Conception.
  3. Has there been a shortage of available surrogates? The short answer, yes. Even before the pandemic, there has always a high demand for surrogates. We have not seen a significant change in surrogate availability due of Covid. We try to accommodate and match intended parents as quickly as possible but sometimes need to put some intended parents on a waiting list. This is especially true if there are multiple requests including wanting a surrogate in a specific location, diet or other restriction.
  4. Is there testing for surrogates and the babies they are carrying? There are no mandatory testing requirements for surrogates. Everyone involved, especially our surrogates are concerned about the health and safety of themselves and their families. No one is taking unnecessary risks.
  5. Does Shared Conception have guidelines for what surrogates do and not do in light of Covid? No, Shared Conception does not provide guidelines. The surrogate will follow the guidelines of the fertility clinic and the CDC.
  6. What if my intended parents live outside the country? There are travel bans from certain countries. It has made travel difficult for some of our international clients, but not impossible.

As this situation evolves and we learn more about the virus, we may see different rules or regulations that impact our processes. Shared Conception is devoted to staying on top of all the new rules and regulations and keep our clients and surrogates in the know. To learn more about Shared Conception, and how to become a surrogate or begin to create your family, contact us today or visit www.deliveradream.com  We look forward to speaking with you!