There are lots of qualifications a surrogate might go by when she is matched with intended parents. We realize it is a large decision placed on her shoulders: Which couple does she get to make into a family? This question is never taken lightly.

Here are a few criteria a surrogate might consider when she picks intended parents to help.

Expectations. Does the couple want to stay in contact after the baby is born? Does the couple want to go their separate ways after the baby is delivered? What will the ‘hand off’ of the baby be like? What are the expectations for both the intended parents and the surrogate? Surrogates choose couples where her thoughts of the future match up with theirs.

Infertility Issues. Sometimes surrogates choose couples based on their reasoning why they cannot have a baby of their own. Was there cancer in the family? Has the couple been trying for years to have a baby with no success? Has the couple dealt with multiple miscarriages? Whatever the reason for infertility, many times surrogates factor that into their final decision.

Proximity. If the surrogate is in Texas, for example, she might want to choose intended parents in close proximity. Though not always the case, many intended parents want to be present at doctor visits and at delivery. Have the two parties close in distance is sometimes easiest on both the surrogate and intended parent.

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