There can be lots of questions when intended parents and surrogates partner together to create a beautiful baby. One question that frequently comes up is how much contact will those involve have in the future?

The answer isn’t simple because every situation is different. Both the intended parents and the surrogates decide together how much contact they would like to have once the baby is born.

Some families want to stay in close contact. After all, they have been through an emotional, life-changing situation and some parents want their surrogate to remain in their lives forever.

Others decide to part ways when the baby is born. Sometimes it’s easiest for families to begin their journey with their new baby on their own. Although they will be forever tied to their surrogate, some intended parents want to begin their life quietly by themselves.

And a very popular scenario is keeping in touch through occasional emails , pictures and Facebook. Intended parents relish sharing pictures of the baby the surrogate helped create for them and surrogates love seeing how the baby is growing and thriving.

Whatever the situation, whether close contact or drifting apart or somewhere in between, each couple and surrogate decide for themselves the level of contact after the baby is born. It’s important for the agency to make sure that the expectations of both the intended parents and surrogate are communicated and similar.

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