How does surrogate mother compensation work? There is usually an agreement between the surrogate mother and the intended parent or parents. First, there is a base fee. This fee is paid to the surrogate mother to cover her time though her pregnancy.

Carrying a child for nine months is literally a labor of love. So how does compensation for such a tall order work? There are medical and incidental costs to consider. There is a standard by which surrogate mother compensation adheres to.

When a couple and a surrogate mom sign a contract, they agree on all components of the compensation. The surrogate mother is carrying a baby to help someone receive one of the greatest gifts in life. Although it’s difficult to put a number on such a kind act, the base fees can be anywhere from $18,000 to $35,000.

The fees are paid out monthly to the surrogate mothers. The reason it is not done in one lump sum is in case something happens to the embryo or fetus. Even mothers who take good care of themselves and unborn babies can still experience miscarriages. In this way, surrogates are still compensated for the time they are pregnant.

Surrogate Mother Expenses

Surrogate mother expenses can be lumped into one large lump sum, which can be broken down into smaller expenses.

Medical expenses
Lost wages
Legal fees
Child care (for existing children)
Agency fees
Miscellaneous fees

There are many small expenses that can be taken into account.

A special note about insurance.

Some surrogates have their own insurance which will help cover maternity costs. Surrogates without insurance must be insured by the intended parents. At the current time, insurance choices are very limited in the state of Texas. For this reason, surrogates who have their own insurance command higher compensation. Surrogates are not allowed to use Medicaid for their surrogacy journey.

There are many costs and expenses involved with surrogate mother compensation. The best thing to do is to research, talk to people, get on forums and connect with professionals. Getting a handle on expenses is one of the best ways to be prepared for the financial aspect of surrogacy.