At Shared Conception, we know each intended parents’ journey is different. Whether failed IVF treatments or the inability to conceive, each parent has a different reason for reaching out to surrogacy. Our agency is proud of its outstanding reputation in joining surrogates with intended parents to create a baby.

When intended parents start the process with us, we offer a free consultation that explicitly explains the surrogacy process and what is required. The intended parents will fill out paperwork, answer a few questions and get started on the journey of working with a surrogate. We take our time to make sure a great fit is made with the surrogate and intended parents. We set up an agreement that outlines several things including communication avenues between the surrogate and the intended parents.

For the intended parents, in-home evaluations are made as legally necessary. With the intended parents, we offer referralsto psychologists, fertility clinics (as needed), attorneys specializing in surrogacyand escrowagents.Our surrogacy parent program will arrange travel arrangements and accommodations for the intended parents or surrogate (as required).

Of course the first step to starting the surrogacy journey, is to contact us at Shared Conception. We will answer all your questions and set your mind at ease about any concerns that might arise. Ready to begin? We’re waiting for you!