Yes! It’s possible; it is not a myth and many intended Moms have chosen to do this to promote the bond between themselves and their newborn. Throughout history, women have induced lactation, dating as far back as ancient times.

Prolactin, the milk-making hormone and oxytocin, the milk-releasing hormone, are the two hormones that administer lactation. These hormones are not ovarian hormones; they are pituitary, which means that even without a pregnancy, a woman may lactate.

There are many ways to induce lactation. Hormone therapy such as high doses of estrogen and a regimen of prolactin, is taken to mimic the abrupt changes in hormones levels found during pregnancy and delivery to bring in the milk. Additionally, breast massage and nipple stimulation with a pump or by baby is necessary at this point.

Intended mothers who wish to attempt induced lactation must remember to be informed, supported, educated and guided by a professional. Contact your local La Leche League and consult with your doctor.