Sometimes being on the intended parent side of the surrogacy journey, gets little recognition when it comes to feelings and emotions. After all, it’s all about the wonderful woman who is carrying your child. There are times when you’re waiting to be matched with the perfect surrogate or dealing with the stress of the screening processes and legal contracts, or you’re anxiously waiting for the next pregnancy update from your surrogate — it is not unusual to feel like no one else understands what it’s really like to be an intended parent.

Even if you are surrounded by very supportive friends and family members, they probably don’t have much experience with surrogacy. It is natural to sometimes want to talk to people who have been or are currently in the same position as you. Support from others in your situation is valuable — but finding that support may be challenging.

Rest assured that by the power of the internet, you can connect with others in your position online. And, while the internet is a great way to find connection, be careful when joining an online support group. Just remember, you can’t always believe everything you see online.

When in doubt, you can always contact Shared Conception.  We can recommend resources for intended parents and answer questions about what you read online. We are always available to provide the support you need.

In the meantime, here are some online intended parent support groups:

Intended parents may be able to find in-person support through Meetups groups. In addition to intended-parent-specific Meetups, you may find a sense of community through infertility centered meetups.


This is the National Infertility Association and offers a directory of local, peer-led support groups for parents who have struggled with infertility. While many of these groups are not specific to surrogacy, intended parents may still find them helpful.

BabyCenter Community

There are several surrogacy-related groups within the BabyCenter Community, including groups specifically for intended parents seeking advice and support from other intended parents.

Even though Fertility struggles are common, they are often not spoken about openly. If you are interested in surrogacy, call Shared Conception today. Our compassionate surrogacy specialists will help make your dreams of having a family a reality. Give us a call today and we will help you get one step closer to the child you’ve always wanted. You can also visit for more information.