What is a match? Webster’s dictionary defines it as, “to be equal to (something or someone) in quality or strength; to make or to be harmonious.” What a perfect definition to describe how the staff at Shared Conception “matches” intended parents and surrogate mothers! Our definition has a little more heart. At Shared Conception, matching is“a wonderful process in which Shared Conception excels in. This is when a surrogate is paired with intended parent(s). Shared Conception matches surrogates with intended parents that are good matches based on legal requirements, personality compatibility, preferences and similar expectations.

We want to ensure that the surrogate and the intended parents are certainly equal in their beliefs and most importantly inner strength, and that the surrogate has a harmonious pregnancy.

Shared Conception’s objective is that the surrogate and intended parents interact in an extraordinarily comfortable environment and that both parties build a good, solid rapport and partnership. With that said, we strive to pinpoint your core beliefs and innate desires so that everyone is mentally comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire pregnancy.

If you are comfortable with the intended parents we match with you, we will immediately contact them. Then, Shared Conception will coordinate a three-way phone conversation between the intended parents, the surrogate and a member of our team. If all parties agree to move forward, then the next step is to either have a video call or face-to-face meeting so everyone can discuss the partnership and expectations.

This is such an exciting time in the process. Imagine all the hopes, dreams, expectations and anticipation all wrapped up into the actual match between two families. It’s simply amazing!

If you are curious about becoming a surrogate, read more to see how surrogacy works in our great state of Texas. The process does vary between states. Not only is surrogacy a legal process, but it is also an emotional and physical process. Make sure to educate yourself, your spouse or partner, and surrounding support system about surrogacy. If you are considering surrogacy and live in Texas, you will have only one option: gestational surrogacy. This is where the embryo is created in a fertility clinic using an egg and sperm from the intended parent (or donor) then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus through the process of IVF.

It helps to work with an experienced agency such as Shared Conception. We carefully screen and match both intended parents and surrogates with our professional matching process. Help create a family with Shared Conception. Interested in surrogacy? Call us today! You can visit us online www.sharedconception.com