In the world of surrogacy, knowledge is indeed power.

This week, let’s talk about the importance of transparent, honest and mature conversations when addressing the rapport and relationship between the surrogate, the intended parents and the surrogacy agency. It is important that all parties involved understand and are comfortable with the idea, nuances and processes involving surrogacy and the wonderful end results of a  surrogate birth–a newborn child (or multiple babies!) and an entire family unit being created or enhanced.

Surrogacy is a wonderful way for those who cannot carry a child to have a child of their own. The parents and the surrogate are all adults. They each understand their roles and go into their relationship with their eyes wide open.

What most new intended parents and surrogates don’t know is “how much  they don’t know.” The key to a successful surrogacy is education and research. Most  surrogacy arrangements, conducted through competent yet compassionate agencies, result in happy endings. With expert guidance and knowledge, an agency can make a surrogacy arrangement work between “strangers” who are like-minded in their goals.

Intended parents: Do your research, ask the right questions, get referrals, hire a consultant if you feel overwhelmed, and listen to your instincts.

Surrogates: Make sure you know everything that is expected of you,  have any money that is stated in the contract for your care put into a trusted escrow account, and insist that all parties involved are psychologically evaluated.

Making families is an honor and a privilege for many of us who have been touched by surrogacy. Our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception, is available  to help you, the intended parents and you, the surrogate, mold  a viable and successful relationship all aimed at the direct goal of building amazing families.  We are ready!