We know that surrogacy is a viable option for couples having difficulty conceiving on their own. And it seems that a lone councilman from the District of Columbia thinks so too. Councilman David Catania has submitted a bill that would end the city’s surrogacy contract prohibition. As the law stands right now, offenders of the law face the possibility of a $10,000 fine and a year in jail! Catania’s legislation allows for gestational and traditional surrogate contracts and he’s confident that he can get the right bill passed.

We’re hoping for the best for Councilman Catania and the residents of the District of Columbia.

The residents of New Jersey weren’t so fortunate. Governor Chris Christie vetoed legislation that would have relaxed restrictions in his state. As it stands, New Jersey remains on our list of surrogate unfriendly states.

India just passed legislation tightening their surrogacy rules. Gay couples, and couples who live in countries where there is no ban on surrogacy are prohibited from hiring Indian surrogate mothers.

So for the one step forward surrogacy made last week, the age-old practice took two steps back.

It is our hope that intended parents all over the world have the ability to choose surrogacy as their method to grow and expand their families. We’re proud that Texas remains one of the surrogate friendly states and gives infertile couples the opportunity to choose. Surrogacy has worked for so many families and Shared Conception is happy to keep making dreams come true.