Finding the perfect match for you, a gestational carrier, is just as important as the Intended Parents (IP’s) finding the perfect surrogate for them. Before your first meeting, your agency, Shared Conception, has already worked tirelessly to find the Intended Parents who match your lifestyle and values. At this time, you will have already spoken over the phone or Skyped with potential Intended Parents and have agreed to meet in person.

If this is your first journey as a surrogate or third, every pregnancy and relationship is unique and there are certain topics that are important to discuss with your potential IP’s. Shared Conception will definitely help you through this process but discussions with the possible Intended Parents are crucial to your relationship throughout and after pregnancy.

This may be a good time to discuss sensitive issues such as: selective reduction, the number of embryos to transfer, any dietary restrictions, pumping breast milk after birth and your relationship expectations during and after pregnancy. Although these topics may present some awkwardness, you will be happy to have this information before choosing to proceed with your Intended Parents.

In a perfect situation you want to feel as comfortable around your Intended Parents as you do around your friends. Most of our surrogates say it “just felt right” when they met their perfect match. If you are looking for more information on finding the right match for you and would like to proceed with an amazing journey, contact us at Shared Conception today.