For those who have struggled with morning sickness, there is a list of approved products that are safe for you and the baby. Although it’s a short list, and even shorter for the first trimester, there are some home remedies that may work even better. We all have those remedies passed down from our moms, grandmas and great-grandmas and what all of your friends suggest. However, before venturing into the world of homeopathic remedies, always check with your doctor and refer to your surrogate contract before taking anything herbal or over-the-counter. It’s better to double check with the pros and be safe than sorry. You never know what recent discoveries have been made about the safety of home remedies. And remember, there is never such a thing as too many, or too stupid of a question when it comes to your health. This is especially true when it comes to prenatal care.

And be careful of that stuffy nose you’ve got. It may not even be a cold in the first place.

A lot of woman are congested during their pregnancy; it’s a common condition called Rhinitis of Pregnancy and it has nothing to do with allergies or a viral infection. It has to do with high amounts of estrogen and blood in your body causing swelling in the mucus membranes and blood vessels in your nose. This leads to congestion, runny nose, sneezing and mild headaches. Unfortunately, your risk of sinus infections also increase when you are pregnant, so if you feel pressure, pain, have a cough, fever, swelling or any other symptoms, contact your provider for help.

Another culprit…

Feeling those pesky allergies that you had before the pregnancy? They run amuck once you get pregnant and can increase in potency. There are a few medications a doctor can prescribe for you that are safe to take, but it may be best to just try to stay away from the source for a while, considering that you can get pregnancy rhinitis in addition to those lovely allergies!

So what do you do?

You can try to avoid anything that may be an irritant. Do your workout indoors on days when the air quality is poor. Stay away from smokers, paint and chemical fumes (which you should be doing anyways) and get your partner to dust and clean any mold and/or pet dander from inside your home. As mentioned before, there are so many different methods and home remedies out there. These are just a few.

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