When the baby arrives, it’s an exciting time, but also hectic. They baby can come earlier or later. Your hospital bag should be packed and ready to go at least two weeks before the due date to ensure you have everything you need for the hospital stay. Shared Conception has compiled a list of necessities to include in your hospital bag. We understand that there is a lot to think about when you are getting ready for baby, so to take the pressure off and follow our list of suggestions to prevent over or under packing.

 ID’s and documents

  • Driver’s License (or picture ID or passport), Insurance card, and any hospital paperwork –You might be able to pre-register the baby at the hospital. Contact the hospital’s registration desk or social worker for more info.
  • Copy of pre-birth order – The hospital should have this by now but it’s better to be safe and have a copy with you.
  • Copy of birth plan (if you have one) –We will work with you and your surrogate to establish a birth plan


  • Phone –Make a list of those who you wish to contact after the birth. You can even create a group text ahead of time to make it easier on you. Sometimes you can label the group text
  • Charger (and extension cord) –Often plugs are not as close as you would like, so bring a long charger, power bank, or extension cord.
  • Camera/Video Camera (batteries, charger, and memory card) –You will want to capture so many wonderful memories in these first few days!


  • Comfortable clothes, socks, slippers, etc.- you might be at the hospital for a few days, so tale clothes to change into, sleep in, etc.
  • Light Jacket– Hospitals can be cold
  • Pillow & Blanket –The hospital will be able to provide these essentials, but having your own comforts help you relax more.
  • Eye mask and earplugs –To help you get some rest
  • Toiletries –The hospital will have the essentials like shampoo, soap, but you might prefer your own. Also, be sure to bring all your personal toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, comb, face wash, lip balm
  • Medications –if you are on any daily medications
  • Button up shirt or Robe – If your birth plan is to do skin to skin after, this will help make this easier
  • Eyeglass, contact case, etc.


  • Cash –For cafeteria, vending machines, parking
  • Snacks –Take foods that help provide you with energy and provide a pick me up. Nuts, granola, fresh or dried fruits, crackers, chocolate, etc.
  • Entertainment –books, magazine, tablet, laptop. Reading or watching a show/movie will help you relax and fill in the down time.
  • Notepad/journal and pen/pencil– in case you need to jot down notes, questions or memories. Some choose to bring the baby book to start recording details right away

For Baby

  • Blanket, sleepers, hat, mittens, onesies for baby –the hospital will typically provide a swaddle blanket, onesie, hat, diapers, etc. However, you can also take your own if you’d like. Sleepers/gowns that open at the bottom or zip up are a good idea. During colder weather it is best to have a heavy blanket for the car seat
  • Going home outfit for baby –Consider the weather conditions. A Onesie or a simple two-piece outfit might be fine for warmer weather. In colder weather, you might need something warmer such as blankets, hats, etc.
  • Car seat –Have a rear facing car seat already installed ahead of time. Some local fire departments will inspect to ensure it is installed correctly. Learn how to work the car seat and buckle the baby in.


Jewelry, valuables, lots of cash, diapers, wipes, bottles or formula.

Shared Conception wants our Intended parents to walk into the hospital without worry. After all, you are embarking on another wonderful and loving journey to bring your baby home. If you are interested in surrogacy to expand or create your family, give us a call today, we would love to speak with you!