Are friends celebrating the New Year with steaks cooked rare? ‘Tis the season for your mother’s homemade eggnog, but are raw eggs off your Christmas list this year now that you’re pregnant and drinking for two?

Holidays, and their often less-than-healthy traditions, always pose a challenge when you’re trying to eat well and that goes double when you’re trying to eat well for two PLUS you are a surrogate mother having a baby for excited Intended Parents!

Here are a few adjustments you can make before heading out on the social circuit or going out for a holiday feast.

Order a “mock-tail”: There’s no need to be a pregnant party pooper and a sad surrogate mommy just because your drink options are a bit more limited than they used to be. Just “belly up” to the bartender and order yourself a drink as sparkling as your personality. A glass of bubbly cider, a cranberry spritzer, a no-tequila sunrise, or a virgin anything are great substitutes for alcoholic drinks during pregnancy. Just nursing that mock cocktail will make you feel like you’re joining the party in spirit!

Scan all the offerings at a buffet: Ready to make a beeline for the buffet? Go for it but try to continue eating well by balancing the savory treats with the healthier options.
Be an assertive guest: Ask the chef to completely cook your steak. Tell your host that one sliver of seven pies is just about all you can handle. Keep in mind that while the holidays are definitely a time to splurge, eating sensibly is a necessity. You are going through the surrogacy process, after all, and everything you eat matters.

Don’t miss a meal: It’s tempting to skip a meal so you can just stuff yourself with stuffing later on — but the baby, as always, needs regular feedings around the clock. Your Intended Parents will sure appreciate you.

Be merry: Soon, after you have delivered the baby to his/her Intended Parents, you’ll be able to toast with real champagne and eat everything in sight. For now, party like a pregnant rock star and enjoy the journey of being an amazing surrogate!