The internet is a great tool to use when researching the surrogacy process. It is a huge and overwhelming subject. There is a wealth of information readily available on the world wide web. But pay attention, there are a few items you may not find in your google search list. Here, we gathered a list of things to pay close attention to when researching surrogacy.

1. Before you decide to go the independent route, consider the value, that an experienced surrogacy agency provides. Working with a agency affords you a service that directly provides or arranges all the required screening, matching, medical procedures, and legal actions needed in a surrogacy journey. More importantly, safeguarding your parental rights and establishing parentage requires solid legal information to which we have access to. Agencies reduce anxiety, hassle, stress and frustration during a very emotional time.

2.   Be aware that some agencies or clinics do not adhere to all ethical guidelines. Always go with your instincts if you feel doubt, too much pressure or any discomfort.There are guidelines that have been developed for egg donor and surrogate evaluations, optimal screening processes, appropriate payments to oocyte donors, etc.

3.   Don’t set unrealistic expectations. Surrogacy is a human experience. No one can control how and when an individual will respond to medication. Even despite seemingly ideal conditions, there are no guarantees that a pregnancy will be achieved on a given transfer. There are plenty of elements out of your control, out of your surrogate’s control, out of your clinic’s control, and out of your surrogacy agency’s control.

4.   Don’t forget the importance of a support system. Rely on your spouse, family, friends, surrogacy agency and surrogate. Be open and honest in your discussions with them. It may even help to work with a counselor to navigate the emotional challenges you may face during this time in your life.

5.   It’s important to clearly define expectations of the relationship between the intended parents and surrogate at the beginning of the journey. Is a phone call once a week sufficient? Do you want to FaceTime on a regular basis? Do you prefer texting over speaking on the phone?

We recommend to heed the advice of professionals and work with a full-service surrogacy agency, such as Shared Conception. When you, as intended parents, choose to partner with Shared Conception in this life altering process, we make sure that you are fully informed about the legal, logistical and even emotional aspects of surrogacy. Give us a call today!