The holidays can be overwhelming while pregnant. Granted, there is a lot of running around during the holiday season, but the quality time you get to spend with your friends and family should be savored. And being pregnant throughout this joyous season can be the best thing for a surrogate.


It starts with Thanksgiving and all its yummy food and non-stop eating. Allow an extra portion, or an extra scoop of mashed potatoes because – you deserve it! And most importantly – you can indulge on desserts!  Pregnancy intensifies many of your senses, including taste. So, all those delectable desserts can taste like the best thing you’ve ever had. It’s a great time to use those 300 extra calories your body needs every day.


Being cozy and comfortable is essential while pregnant, and the holidays are no exception. So if you can’t find the perfect holiday outfit – it’s okay. Take the pressure off yourself and know that no matter what you wear, everyone will think you and your bump are adorable in your tunic and leggings.


Pregnancy is an emotional time. This is a positive time of year and after all, the season of good cheer. This holiday brings on a cloud of happiness the you can revel in. If you find yourself on the emotional side, relax; you have a pass since you are pregnant. So turn up the Christmas tunes and cozy up with a book, blanket and decaf mocha to make yourself feel better.


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