Pregnancy definitely changes your body, but it also changes the way you move, get around and walk. Your center of gravity has to adjust, which can cause difficulty with every day movements.  

Knowing this, it’s no wonder that many pregnant women have experienced a fall during their journey, even though your body has several defenses to protect you and the baby against injury. This includes amniotic fluid that provides cushioning, and strong, protective muscles in the uterus.

Falls can create possible complications for both you and the baby. Your uterus probably won’t suffer any permanent damage or trauma from losing your balance and tripping over your own (sometimes unrecognizable) feet. However, if the fall is a rough one or hits at a certain angle, it’s possible you could experience complications such as a placental abruption or sprains that need to be checked out by your doctor.

Most of the time, a minor fall won’t be enough to cause a problem, but there are some symptoms that can indicate a need to seek medical attention. These include:

  • A fall with direct contact to your stomach
  • Leaking amniotic fluid or vaginal bleeding
  • Severe pain in your pelvis, stomach, or uterus
  • Any type of contractions
  • Lack of movement for the baby

If you experience these or other symptoms, immediately call your doctor or take a trip to the ER.

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