Congratulations! You are pregnant! Exciting times are coming your way and a LOT of changes are in your near future. At Shared Conception, we like to celebrate pregnancy, but we are also conscious that there are some changes we don’t always welcome during our journey. So let’s talk PREGNANCY SKIN.


Your skin changes when you are pregnant. Hormones are especially responsible for any unwelcomed skin changes throughout your journey. Acne, stretch marks, skin tags, darkened skin, and random raised bumps can appear anywhere and at any time – LOVELY! Always remember, like pregnancy, this is temporary and usually occurs in the first and second trimesters.


But don’t forget the pregnancy glow! A benefit to changes in hormone levels and increased blood flow. The skin glands on your face can produce more sebum (oil) which can give a shiny glow. Increased blood volume can make your skin look luminous which means – no filters are necessary when taking pictures!


To help clear skin, use a gentle cleanser twice a day. Make sure you clean your hands before you wash your face to avoid adding bacteria to your skin. There are also a ton of natural home remedies you can access here. Harsh cleansers and topical treatments are not always recommended to use while pregnant. Make sure you speak to your doctor and read any labels – some often read “not for use while pregnant.”


It’s also common to develop dark spots on your skin. The most common darkened area is the linea nigra, the dark line stretching from the belly button to the top of the pubic bone. 75% of pregnant ladies notice this line. But don’t worry, it usually fades away a few months post delivery when your hormone levels begin to balance out and stop fluctuating.


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