If you are considering surrogacy with Shared Conception, questions about selective reduction and termination may not be something you have given thought to. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions; its more about how you feel. Although it can be uncomfortable to think about, it’s important for Shared Conception to be able to match you with like-minded intended parents. That is why you need to be very honest with your answers.

An ideal journey does not involve these emotional medical procedures and hard decisions. They are simply “what if” scenarios. Even though the need to do these procedures is rare, these sensitive topics need to be discussed because they are included in your contract. This is why you should fully understand what they both are.


A termination is different than selective reduction. This is when a medical condition exists that could cause the unborn child physical or psychological difficulties and can affect the quality of life in the baby or surrogate.

Selective Reduction

Under some circumstances, intended parents may consider having their surrogate undertake selective reduction. This is done because sometimes a reduction is sometimes necessary to protect the health and wellness of the other fetus.  This is most common when carrying 3 fetuses or more. Since transferring more than one embryo is highly advised against and rare these days, selective reduction is not a common procedure anymore.

Both these scenarios are laid out clearly in your contract and are not decisions that should be taken lightly.

Knowing the difference between the two is vital when applying to become a surrogate. As mentioned before, Shared Conception will match you with intended parents based on your beliefs and feelings about the two topics. Our goal is connecting surrogates with the right intended parents.

Surrogacy can be a complicated process. Selective reduction and termination are just a few of the topics that need to be included in your surrogacy contract. That is why it is important that all surrogates who apply, fully comprehend which procedures she might experience. Shared Conception is always available to answer any questions about medical requirements of a surrogate.

Shared Conception pledges to wholeheartedly support you throughout the pregnancy. Interested in becoming a surrogate? Give us a call today or visit www.deliveradream.com to fill out an application request form! We would love to hear from you!