Most little girls dream of one day becoming a mother.

They play dolly with their playmates and pretend to be mommies, but imagine knowing at a very young age that you would never be able to have children.

That’s the story of Katy Slade who was born with a genetic disorder that left her without reproductive organs. Her sister Lucy however, made a promise in their childhood that she would share her eggs with her sister.
Well after six years of marriage to husband David Slade, Lucy made good on her promise. But what makes this a great story is that David’s sister Jamie, offered to be the surrogate mother.

This truly became a family affair!

One sister donated the eggs and another sister carried the baby and Katy and David have a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Stories like this encourage all of us here at Shared Conception.

We love it when a surrogacy has a happy ending!

Congratulations Katy and David and standing ovation to their sisters for their wonderful acts of kindness!