We are now a society that is permanently “plugged in.” We have the ability to share our lives through the World Wide Web and have access to many others including friends, family, and even strangers. Surrogacy begins as a personal decision. Once matched and pregnant, there are more parties and feelings involved, so there are more limits or boundaries about posting and sharing your journey on social media.

Intended Parents need to think about their comfort level when sharing and posting to various social media platforms. Intended parents also need to take into consideration what their surrogate feels is appropriate to share. If you are a surrogate, you’ll need to consider the level of comfort of the Intended Parents and their feelings. A post about a common pregnancy complaint such as, “Stick a fork in me. I’m done!” can be hurtful for your intended parents to read.

Making sure you are aware and sensitive of each other’s feelings is a good start. Have a conversation with your Intended Parents or surrogate and come to a unanimous decision about what you deem appropriate to share and what not to share. Also, double-check your contract for any privacy clauses.

Be aware that once your post, comment, tweet or instagram pic is on the Internet, it does not go away and is for all to see, including the other party involved in you journey. Even if you are not friends or connected with your surrogate/intended parent on social media, sometime posts or comments have a funny way of getting into the wrong hands. That is why it is most important to be on the same page as your surrogate or Intended Parents. Any level of comfort is acceptable, as long as it is clearly communicated between all that are involved.