Some of our best surrogates come to us as strong willed single women. These women are single mothers and have a steadfast desire to help others create a family. They are independent, hardworking, and immensely appreciative of family bonds.

A single surrogate is defined as one who is not currently living with or sexually active with any other adult. Those involved in dating situations or other sexually active relationships are still considered “partnered” surrogates even if they are unmarried.

The screening process for a single surrogate differs from that of a partnered surrogate. A single surrogate will attend both screening and match meeting on her own. Shared Conception will contact the person she identifies as her primary support to ensure that they’re able to provide the support the surrogate will need.

We also understand that life happens. While you may be single during your screening and the early stages of your journey, it is entirely possible that you’ll meet someone during your journey.

Dating is allowed during the course of your journey, but you will want to make certain that suitors understand just how important your journey is to you, and that this journey could have implications on your developing relationship.

Shared Conception is happy to talk with you about any potential relationships and ways to discuss your situation with a potential love interest.

Many of our single surrogates tell us that, in certain ways, going the journey alone can feel freeing. Without having a significant other around the house, they tell us they feel able to take time off of housework to just enjoy the pregnancy.

If you’re a single woman considering surrogacy we understand that you may have a great deal of questions. Shared Conception is able to help you navigate this incredible decision and help answer any additional questions you may have. Call us.