More people are sharing their stories in new book releases and there are even children’s books to help children understand their birth story.

We’ve compiled a list of great books for you and your family and if you’ve written a book on surrogacy, be sure to let us know.

Children’s Books

I loVe my Family: A book about assisted conception for young children
Tammy Troute-Wood, Heather Cobb, Brent Patrick Gough and Christine Korol
“I loVe my Family is a carefully crafted tool to assist families to discuss assisted conception with children 3-to5-years old.”

Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy
Carla Lewis-Long
“This book tackles a very difficult, complicated subject in a sweet, whimsical way. A lighthearted picture book on surrogacy. “

The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story About Gestational Surrogacy for Young Children
Sarah Phillips Pellet
“The Kangaroo Pouch introduces young children, ages 2-to-8, to the concept of surrogacy. The story is narrated by a young kangaroo named Oliver whose mother has decided to help another family have a baby.”

Hope & Will Have a Baby: The Gift of Surrogacy
Irene Celcer and Horacio Gatto
“Follow an inquisitive little boy who learns of his parent’s quest to have children, and the success they ultimately achieve in creative a family.”

For Intended Parents

Considering Surrogacy
Lisa Oliver
“The purpose of this book is to provide a factual yet balanced report on both sides of the surrogacy process.”

A Sacred Thread: A True Story of Becoming a Mother and Finding a Family—Half A World Away
Adrienne Arieff
“An inspiring, often funny, true story of one mother’s journey to having her children.”

Surrogacy Was the Way: Twenty Intended Mothers Tell Their Stories
Zara Griswold
“Surrogacy Was the Way will open their (intended couples) eyes to amazing possibilities. It will show them that they do have options, and persistence and faith, they can achieve their dreams of motherhood after all.”

Pathways to Parenthood
Stacy Ziegler
“Pathways to Parenthood is a how-to-guide to Surrogacy. It covers Gestational Surrogacy via IVF as well as Traditional Surrogacy via Artificial Insemination.”