With an experienced agency such as, Shared Conception, we have spoken to thousands of people interested in surrogacy. One of the topics that ALWAYS comes up is financing. And that is perfectly normal. There are a lot of costs involved. It is a big financial decision and requires a lot of conversation, planning, and researching. The majority of our clients go through different avenues when it comes to financing a journey. To make it easy for those considering surrogacy, here are a list of avenues our clients have taken when it comes to financing.


1) Prosper lending – This financing company is designed for different healthcare procedures including surrogacy. These loans are different than others because they offer simple interest loans with many benefits that make this process more affordable. https://app.prosperhealthcare.com/025126



2) Borrow from family members. It truly does take a village. Many clients have borrowed from family members; grandparents who are super excited about grandkids.


3) Obtain a home equity loan.


4) Borrow against your 401K as a hardship loan.


5) Most fertility clinics have a financing company that they use. That would most likely be for only the medical portion.  Even if you don’t need the money for an egg retrieval, they might be able to finance the surrogate screening, embryo transfer to the surrogate and the monitoring.  You would have to talk with your clinic to get more information.


You will need to ask your clinic about the following costs:

– Your egg retrieval

– Surrogate’s screening

– Genetic testing PGD/PGS (if this is something you and your doctor are interested in doing.)

– Embryo transfer to the surrogate

– Surrogate’s monitoring for the first trimester

– medications for your retrieval and the surrogate’s transfer

– Any other medical costs


There are also websites that can give you information about grants and foundations. They are based on financial need so they can be difficult to get.






Shared Conception does not profit if you choose any of these options. Our full-service agency is designed to make the impossible possible and that is why we go above and beyond to help our clients in every way possible. Give us a call today!