A lot of our intended parents have asked us how to get to know the woman who is carrying their baby. All of our intended parents are so incredibly appreciative, that it is hard to pinpoint one specific way to accomplish this. Part of the special services that Shared Conception provides on top of an excellent match, is a favorites list. This list allows you to see her likes, interests, hobbies and even dislikes. But we strongly suggest that you take the time to get to know your surrogate, and even her family. You will get a wonderful understanding of her.


The beginning of a relationship between intended parents and surrogates is almost like dating. You already have a common bond; you share a special place in each other’s hearts and want to pursue a great future relationship. We suggest going to lunch, and if that seems too overwhelming, start with meeting at a coffee shop. Getting to know each other can make for an incredibly exciting and smooth journey.


The goal is communication. You want stellar communication. This will help your surrogacy relationship, the same way that it helps with any other relationship. Texting “how are you” every so often and a quick catch-up conversation, will build confidence in your relationship with each other. Today, we have technology at our fingertips and find ourselves always in reach of a text, FaceTime, Skype call or email. Devote some time each week to get to know each other and form a bond that will last a lifetime.


Shared Conception is committed to designing relationships between our intended parents and surrogates. We have a carefully crafted matching process that can match you with the perfect surrogate, or intended parent. Call us today!