Here in America, surrogacy births typically go off without a hitch. Agencies make sure that intended mothers and surrogate mothers are well matched. Other countries are finding themselves needing to improve legislation to keep up with the changes in fertility medicine.

I wanted to share a few of the great surrogacy stories and stories that have us saying a prayer for the intended families.

A woman who is the genetic mother of twins was declared the birth mother on her children’s birth certificate. Ireland courts said that the woman who gave birth to the twins had to be listed as their birth mother. The genetic mother won her case and High Court Justice Henry Abbott said that Ireland’s laws needed to “reflect the growing use of artificial insemination, embryo implantation and other fertility techniques.” (

Another Hooray!
An Indian mother was recently given the same rights as an adoptive mother after her surrogate mother gave birth. Her maternity was initially approved but later denied. “Justice Chandru said the purpose of the rule was to allow for bonding between the child and parents. Even in the case of an adoption, the adoptive mother does not give birth to the child, yet the necessity of bonding between the mother and child had been recognised by the Centre. Therefore, the petitioner was entitled for leave in terms of Rule 3-A.” (The Hindu) Good sense prevailed!

By The Skin of Their Teeth
India recently changed their surrogacy laws to exclude same sex couples. Caught up in the middle of that recent change was David and Derek and their new daughter Harvey Rose. New Indian law said couples from Australia had to be in the country on a medical visa. David and Derek were there on a tourist visa. They were able to get Harvey Rose’s citizenship without a problem but getting her home would have been a problem with the wrong visa. Fortunately their story ends well and the family is settling into their new life. (ABC)