There are several alternatives in starting a family when you find yourself unable to naturally conceive. Adoption has become a socially acceptable option. But, there are many, who wish to have a biological connection with their child who turn to surrogacy.

Even though surrogacy has mainstreamed over the years, there are still a number of religious organizations that do not accept it. This can seem surprising, but the use of surrogate mothers, is a thousand-year old process. It is even in the writings of the Bible through the story of Abraham and his wife Sarah. According to history, friends and family oftentimes shamed a childless woman. To solve this problem, these women had their servants act as “surrogates.”

While ethical and moral issues are important to follow and abide by, judging anyone on the very personal decisions of choosing surrogacy or becoming a surrogate, is impossible to do unless you walk a mile in their shoes. And, unless you have experienced the emotions, it is difficult to get a feel for how truly devastating their situation is.

All this said, the women who act as surrogate mothers, are providing a truly needed service and giving people a chance to have a child of their very own. Shared Conception anticipates helping you make your dreams of enhancing and expanding your family. Connect with us!