Many gestational surrogates find the experience so rewarding that they are willing to do it more than once. If age and health conditions permit, a second surrogacy can be a wonderful experience. In some cases, the surrogate even acts as a surrogate for the same intended parents, helping them to expand their family.

As surrogates have their own families to take care of, it would be beneficial to evaluate the impact of another pregnancy on your partner and children. Shared Conception does everything it can to make the experience for surrogates and intended parents go as smoothly as possibly, and promises the same caring and attentive treatment the second time around.

Sometimes, the intended parents might choose another surrogate for a second child. The surrogate-intended parent relationship is a strong one, where many surrogates remain close to the intended parents and their families after. While it can feel a little disappointing if the intended parents choose another surrogate, do not forget that you have just given them the gift of life and they’re extremely thankful.

It is good to manage expectations while also keeping lines of communication open. Shared Conception has found that the best surrogacy relationships have trust, communication, appropriate boundaries and flexibility. Because the surrogacy process lasts over a year, it is important to remain flexible in your expectations and understanding of your needs, as well as those of the intended parents during this journey.

As in any relationship, it is healthy to maintain boundaries. The main goal of the surrogacy relationship is to help the intended parents’ family. You may indeed become friends or even a part of the family, developing a wonderful relationship over time! Shared Conception recommendation: take it slow, be warm and authentic and have good boundaries.

You are starting a wonderful journey together—again. Enjoy!