Surrogacy is such a process for intended parents. Most people who come to the decision they need to choose surrogacy to build their family, are already emotionally exhausted from the trials and tribulations of infertility.

Shared Conception always emphasizes the importance of a support network, on either side of the surrogacy fence; for surrogates or intended parents. Honesty and open communication are essential within this network. Initially, when building your network, expect many questions that may seem invasive but can become an opportunity to educate someone about surrogacy. Intended parents are encouraged to establish support systems for emotional support and whatever other help they may need.

Feeding your network

As mentioned above, expect many questions. Only recently has surrogacy become more mainstream and accepted. Laws on surrogacy constantly change for the better. Take this as an opportunity to inform someone on a rarely discussed topic.

Support systems can grow stronger by introducing your surrogate, if possible, to those who support you the most! It helps with empathy and clarifies what you are going through as an intended parent. Introductions can be as informal as coffee or lunch or as elaborate as a dinner party or an invitation to your baby shower. And if you are not comfortable with either of these notions, that’s okay too.

Part of the network

If you are inside one of these support networks, you may wonder how to support your friend, loved one, or relative. Think about how you would want to feel supported if you were in a similar position. Most likely, you have been with them through their fertility struggles. Being part of this network is an honor. Respect their privacy and always give continued love and support, which will mean the most to them.

If you are lucky enough to meet their surrogate, treat her as a friend. She is, after all, like Wonder Woman, making the hopes and dreams of your friends a reality.

If you are interested in having a surrogate, let Shared Conceptions make your dreams of a family a reality. Give us a call today, and we will help you get one step closer to the child you have always wanted. Visit for more information.