If you are contemplating becoming a surrogate, or a repeat surrogate, you may consider doing this without the support of a surrogate agency. You will still need an attorney and fertility clinic to embark on a journey – but, when learning about the matching process, you may wonder whether becoming a surrogate without an agency is possible. While it’s possible to become a surrogate without an agency, it is not the right decision for most people.

It’s always smart to research such a life changing experience, such as surrogacy. In your research between using an agency or becoming an independent surrogate, you find that it may include less costs for the intended parents, more direct involvement on the part of the surrogate, and more control over your process. It’s important to understand that while that may look like a benefit initially, could end up as a disadvantage.

There will be extra roles that you have to play as an independent surrogate. It begins with finding intended parents, coordinating between your attorney, fertility specialist, medical professionals and surrogacy partner to make sure all the necessary steps and precautions are taken care of. This is a lot for anyone to handle, especially when your main focus should be bringing a little one into the world! All of this added stress is handled by an agency so you can proceed through your journey taking care of yourself and that bundle of joy!

Surrogacy is complicated, even for those who have been on a journey previously. Working with an agency, such as Shared Conception can help guarantee a worry free and successful journey. With Shared Conception, our experienced and professional team helps create the best plan for your journey. Without the help of an agency, your own journey will be harder and at times, much more stressful. That is why many of our intended parents choose an agency and come back for subsequent sibling journeys. Shared Conception takes the pressure off the intended parents and the surrogate, to ensure a positive experience.

Shared Conception wants everyone involved to have a positive experience. That is why we encourage all prospective surrogates and intended parents to contact Shared Conception to learn more about our processes. Give us a call or visit www.deliveradream.com to fill out an application request form! We would love to hear from you!