Surrogacy may seem daunting at first. But our surrogates have journeys filled with joy and adulation. They will all agree, there is nothing more nerve wrecking than the moment you decide that you want to become a surrogate. So many thoughts, fears and feelings fill your head.

Health history

Your health history is an important factor in your eligibility. If there are things in your past that make you worry, they might impact your candidacy as a surrogate, so let us know right away! Shared conception is a judgement-free zone. Although full disclosure is always necessary no matter how much you want to forget certain experiences. Talking about sensitive issues in an honest manner, will help you feel relieved about the impact it may have on your surrogacy eligibility. It’s better to know that to wonder.

Surrogacy is an amazing thing you are considering doing for another person, and we would never want you to feel that your path to helping someone else is blocked before considering all of the issues together. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Meeting your IP’s

What if I say the wrong thing? What if I ask a silly question? What do I wear? What if they don’t like me? These are the kinds of questions you may find yourself worrying about before a zoom interview – it’s understandable. But if you’re helping to build a family, you may be surprised to realize that they too, are stressing about the exact same things. The good news is that you don’t have to feel anxious. Go in acting just like your amazing self – and they will love you!

Fear of the medication

Not many think about administering medication to themselves with needles, but it is a necessary step in preparing your body to have a baby via IVF. And we agree, needles can seem scary.

However, it really isn’t as bad as it seems. And yes, I have personally had to do this. Really, you just get used to it. Many have their husband, co-worker or friend administer them daily, but some do the shots themselves.  With a little bit of practice, most can do it without a problem.

Why not take the next step and open a dialogue with Shared Conception? Give us a call today. We want you to be informed, fulfilled and satisfied knowing you contributed to the world in a unique and precious way.  Also, you can visit to begin an application to become a gestational surrogate and find out more information!