While the holidays have officially come to a close (we included Valentine's Day!), there may be individuals or couples out there that are relieved to know it’s all over.  For those who have struggled from years of infertility, being childless during the holidays can serve as a constant reminder of their situation and heighten their sadness. 

Family gatherings can be stressful enough, and for those unable to have a child, dodging or answering “family-building questions” may have triggered tension and sorrow. A pang of emotional pain could have emerged at the sound of children laughing or at the sight of them scampering.

Those who encountered challenges reproducing do admit that when they were ready to start a family, they thought having and raising the baby would be the hard part, not conceiving. 

Individuals battling infertility are not alone.  According to recent statistics, 10 to 15 percent of couples living in the United States have been diagnosed with this disease. Compound this with couples and individuals around the globe suffering from infertility and those numbers sharply escalate. Yes, while fertility therapies may work for some, not everyone will respond to the treatments. 

Despite the obstacles, it’s important to never lose hope. 

Never forget, if one road doesn’t bring about the birth of a child, another will. And a very special way is through surrogacy.

In addition to those dealing with their fertility challenges, there are also gay men who rely on surrogacy and egg donation so that they can achieve their dreams of fatherhood. Individuals and couples deciding on surrogacy undeniably share a common thread of compassion. Intended parents empathize with others going through the very same thing.  

While it’s a different pace for all, intended parents arrive at a point in their lives when recognizing that their future family is within their reach through surrogacy. They have endured so much to have their baby. Coupled with their compassion, intended parents redefine the meaning of appreciation and patience. 

Over time, they have come to realize that anything worth the wait is worth waiting for. And that way is through surrogacy.   Give us a call at Shared Conception, we can help you.