surrogate compensation

At Shared Conception, most of our surrogate mothers rarely use money as a factor for being a surrogate. They truly enjoy the idea of helping a family, enjoy being pregnant, and feel that the journey is more of a calling for them.

That being said—being a surrogate is a full-time job on its own. Between the matching process, medical appointments, pre-transfer preparation, and transfer, the surrogacy process can take 12 to 18 months. A question we are often asked is how is the compensation disbursed?

Our clients at Shared Conception use a surrogacy escrow agency. This agency, along with your contract, is your direct line to all your financial questions. This prevents any awkward conversations about finances between you and your Intended Parents.

Compensation begins on the 1st or 15th of the month following a heartbeat confirmation and on the same date each month thereafter, usually in 8 additional installments.

Surrogate mothers receive compensation for the following items:

  1. Transfer fee
  2. Start of medication fees
  3. Allowance for maternity clothes
  4. Multiples Fee(in the event you are carrying twins)
  5. C-Section (if required by physician)
  6. Medical insurance co-pays and deductibles
  7. Invasive Procedures
  8. Breast milk pump supplies, machine rental and shipping costs

During the surrogate process, there may be additional cases that require contingency fees. Such cases could include if the surrogate is put on bed rest. Items that would be covered would be childcare, lost wages and housekeeping for the duration of the bed request order.

Monthly incidental allowance is also included. This allowance is intended to cover for the surrogate’s travel expenses including meals and mileage (under 75 miles ach way), parking, phone, postage, faxing, childcare, notary, over-the-counter medications and other incidentals.

It’s important to note that the total compensation amount can vary greatly based on experience as a surrogate, what type of insurance the surrogate carries and specific procedures the surrogate may go through.

Final Thoughts

Surrogacy agencies in Texas play an active part in facilitating the process for surrogate women and intended parents. There are many steps involved in the process but Shared Conception is here to help with each step!

For any queries you may have regarding your surrogacy journey or surrogate compensation, feel free to reach out to us at!