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Shared Conception is a full-service, custom-matching surrogacy agency that expertly and compassionately assists you through the process of surrogacy. We deftly offer personalized, efficient service that results in couples bringing their dreams of a having a family into reality.

Shiva Landry founded Shared Conception, LLC in 2011 and it is one if the most reputable and results-oriented surrogacy agencies in Houston, Texas and across the nation. No stranger to pregnancy-related difficulties, Shiva Landry has battled with her own infertility issues and so personally understands much of the related emotions. Paired with her experience in the medical field along with her extensive business experience that her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and successful business career brings her, she and her staff knowledgeably and compassionately guide intended parents and surrogates through the process.

Shared Conception understands how overwhelming the process can be for first time surrogates. Thus, the agency’s support and experience is invaluable to the surrogates they will be supporting. Our staff is consistently available throughout the process – from the initial inquiry about the program to the time she delivers that bouncing baby.

Shiva Landry is a member of ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) and SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy) and professionally adheres to all established ethics and guidelines.

With Shiva Landry’s personal desire to help build and complete families plus her business experience, Shared Conception is committed to providing our clients with exceptional and individualized personal attention, education, support and confidential third party services.

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———————- BEGIN TRANSCRIPTION ————————-
My name’s Elise. I have done two journeys. I’m actually currently on my second journey. Um, the same family that I carried a daughter for and gave birth to about a year ago, asked me to have a sibling for them and now I’m currently pregnant with her brother. Surrogacy was something I felt called to before I ever even had children of my own. When my sister and I were younger, she was diagnosed with type one diabetes. She’s the kind of girl that always um, new named for her children and had her wedding planned by the age of nine I think. And um, when she got diagnosed with type one diabetes, they told her she might have some complications with carrying children or difficulty getting pregnant. And I just stepped right in and told her I would help her out if she ever needed it. Well, she never ended up meeting me, but that feeling never left me. So I sought out surrogacy and found shared conception.

When I first talked to my husband about being a surrogate, he was not on board. He didn’t quite understand the science behind it and he thought it was more like adoption. And um, once we discussed the actual facts about surrogacy and he understood how easy my pregnancies had been in the past, he was completely on board and supportive as far as telling my friends and family about being a surrogate. I waited until I was a little bit further into the process than probably most do. Um, I want us to make sure it was definitely something that was going to happen for me. And um, I would get matched with a family that I could get along with and um, help out. So when I actually told them, it was about a week before we transferred an embryo and they were ecstatic, they were worried about my health slightly and then they remembered how easy it was for me in the past. And they were completely 100% supportive and it was a very pleasant surprise. I was very glad they were on board.

My favorite part of my first journey was actually having the baby and I’m going to cry the look on my Ip faces when they became parents. I’ll never forget that. Just watching someone who may not have been able to have kids otherwise and seeing the mold their baby, I thought, you know, when I first went into surrogacy, that moment might be hard and I could not wait for them to just take that baby and hold that baby. And they’re the best parents now. It’s incredible. It’s amazing. Sorry. If somebody wanted to find out more about surrogacy, I would say talk to somebody who has been a surrogate. If you’re looking at having someone be a surrogate for you, I would say talk to some people who have been there, and the best way to get connected is probably through a reputable agency such as Shared Conception.