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Shared Conception is a full-service, custom-matching surrogacy agency that expertly and compassionately assists you through the process of surrogacy. We deftly offer personalized, efficient service that results in couples bringing their dreams of a having a family into reality.

Shiva Landry founded Shared Conception, LLC in 2011 and it is one if the most reputable and results-oriented surrogacy agencies in Houston, Texas and across the nation. No stranger to pregnancy-related difficulties, Shiva Landry has battled with her own infertility issues and so personally understands much of the related emotions. Paired with her experience in the medical field along with her extensive business experience that her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and successful business career brings her, she and her staff knowledgeably and compassionately guide intended parents and surrogates through the process.

Shared Conception understands how overwhelming the process can be for first time surrogates. Thus, the agency’s support and experience is invaluable to the surrogates they will be supporting. Our staff is consistently available throughout the process – from the initial inquiry about the program to the time she delivers that bouncing baby.

Shiva Landry is a member of ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) and SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy) and professionally adheres to all established ethics and guidelines.

With Shiva Landry’s personal desire to help build and complete families plus her business experience, Shared Conception is committed to providing our clients with exceptional and individualized personal attention, education, support and confidential third party services.

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My name is Tiffany and I have had three journeys through Shared Conception. The first journey was for a single man. The second journey was for a single woman. And then the third journey was for a traditional married couple. I had a divine nudge to become a surrogate. I began seeing, printed material, hearing commercials, seeing advertisements. ironically, at the same time, my husband who was traveling for a baseball was in a different part of the country and he saw ads, in, in a magazine. And when I asked him if he was open to me being a surrogate, he was very shocked that he had already, kind of had his divine appointment and much as well. And we were both on the same page and thought that we really needed to at least look into it to see if it was something that would be right for our family.

my family was very, very supportive. my husband was onboard from the very beginning. my children were supportive, but, but almost indifferent. they’re, they’re teenagers and so it really didn’t affect them very much. my parents were amazingly supportive. my brother and sister in law were very curious, but also supportive. I didn’t have any negative response from friends or family either. There was a lot of curiosity and in fact, several of my friends, considered being surrogates themselves. Initially we learned about the process through a very long, very little hate phone call with Shiva. she was extremely generous and let us set up a three way telephone call. like I said, my husband was out of town for baseball, so we had to wait until he was off of the baseball field and back in the hotel. And we spent about an hour and a half picking her brain and asking her the pages and pages of questions that we had.

you know, just come up with, he is, you know, very protective and as the matriarch of our family, he needs me to, to be here and not be, you know, unable to, do things with our family or be affected negatively because of a surrogacy. and so he had a lot of questions about, the health and, the check, you know, health checks throughout the process to make sure that everything was on the up and up and, and there was no way that I could be negatively impacted from it.

Every journey that I’ve had is extremely unique. but they are all very, very different and important to our family. we’ve had a very special bond with each set of intended parents. the first one we were kind of naive and didn’t really know what to expect. we went in thinking that, you know, whatever developed between us and the intended dad, you know, was, you know, was okay.

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