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Shared Conception is a full-service, custom-matching surrogacy agency that expertly and compassionately assists you through the process of surrogacy. We deftly offer personalized, efficient service that results in couples bringing their dreams of a having a family into reality.

Shiva Landry founded Shared Conception, LLC in 2011 and it is one if the most reputable and results-oriented surrogacy agencies in Houston, Texas and across the nation. No stranger to pregnancy-related difficulties, Shiva Landry has battled with her own infertility issues and so personally understands much of the related emotions. Paired with her experience in the medical field along with her extensive business experience that her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and successful business career brings her, she and her staff knowledgeably and compassionately guide intended parents and surrogates through the process.

Shared Conception understands how overwhelming the process can be for first time surrogates. Thus, the agency’s support and experience is invaluable to the surrogates they will be supporting. Our staff is consistently available throughout the process – from the initial inquiry about the program to the time she delivers that bouncing baby.

Shiva Landry is a member of ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) and SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy) and professionally adheres to all established ethics and guidelines.

With Shiva Landry’s personal desire to help build and complete families plus her business experience, Shared Conception is committed to providing our clients with exceptional and individualized personal attention, education, support and confidential third party services.

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———————- BEGIN TRANSCRIPTION ————————-
Hi, my name is Vanessa and I’ve completed three surrogacy journeys. I decided to become a surrogate to watch other people grow their families. When I first told my husband that I wanted to be a gestational carrier, he was, basically waiting for me to tell him that I was ready to go. We had talked about it several times before, and it just was not the right time for our family. He’s very passionate about surrogacy as well. We struggled through infertility ourselves and overcame it. So through that process, he really understood what becoming a parent really was and how it can really tug at your heart.

My family and friends, we’re not surprised at all with me becoming a gestational carrier. They know that I’m a very giving person and that pregnancy and growing families, it’s really important to me. They have all jumped on board and supported me through the process. For them it’s just very normal for me to carry a baby for somebody else.

Involving, my family and my children in that process started from day one. Um, my family has been to doctor’s appointments with me to the Labor and delivery room with me and have met the families that I have carried for during their visits into my home as well.

One day my sister in law and I were actually doing a play date with our young children and we brought up the topic of carrying babies for other people. And from there it just blossomed. We both decided to become gestational carriers. The financial piece, it’s really helped my family by being able to put a down payment on a home, which is our dream home and where my family is currently living. Um, as well as to set herself up for success for our three children when they go to college.

I chose Share Conception to work with Shiva. She has amazing supportive in all around a really fantastic lady. I felt supported by share conceptions during my journey by constant communication and encouragement. The favorite part of my journey is really difficult to decide each phase watching the intended parents go through them is fantastic. I would definitely have to say that my favorite is the moment that the baby is delivered.

Watching the joy and the happiness of everything that they wished for come true in the delivery room when the intended parents, how their baby for the first time. There was not a dry eye in the house. From my ob Gyn to my husband to the intended parents. It was an amazing experience for everyone. If someone’s interested in becoming a gestational carrier or learning more about the process, definitely reach out to Shiva at Shared Conception. For those that are interested in becoming a gestational carrier, I would tell them, just do it. Take the first step, make the call, send the email, learn more information.