Selfless. Generous. Powerful. Beautiful. Heroic. These words come to mind when you think about gestational carriers aka surrogates. But some surrogates simply believe, “If you’re in a position to help someone, you should.”

That’s what an amazing surrogate, Kim, told us.

“When you have four kids nine months goes by pretty quickly,” says Kim, who is on her second surrogacy journey. This time around she is carrying twins. Sometimes a surrogate will work with the same parent or parents if they would like to have another baby. In this case, she is working with new dads.

Every woman’s path to surrogacy is unique. For Kim, she wanted to make something positive out of her loss. Five years ago when her father died, she went in search of something meaningful. It was around that time she decided to become a surrogate. She was paired with a gay couple on her first journey and helped them build their family. In the process her family grew.

Her kids, one girl and three boys, think of her first baby born through surrogacy like a cousin. They skype. They send photos. They even exchange birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. Their closeness serves as a reminder that we’re more connected to one another than we are divided.

“I feel that family isn’t limited to blood and DNA, it is the people you choose and those who have touched your life,” says Kim.Because of Kim’s nursing degree, she is very aware of all the need in the world. Kim added that she doesn’t work as a nurse, and her husband doesn’t use his degree either. She and her husband would like to make an even greater contribution to the world.

Right now her husband is back in school pursuing a degree to make both of their dreams come true. The plan is to take his agricultural knowledge and open an organic farm. And with Kim’s love of hospitality as a driving force, they would love to parlay their crops into a farm-to-table restaurant. That’s the dream, but she is receptive to what the world may have in store for her.

“I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up,” Kim added.

Talking to Kim was a great reminder of something we already know—that surrogates are very special individuals who contribute to their family while helping another.