‘Tis the season for formally celebrating our mothers and fathers
and most of us look forward to being appreciated for our parenting prowess
and/or loving on our parents more than we normally do. However, there are those
who dread these celebrations as they are reminded that they are still childless
and yes, it hurts. They may, at some point, decide to go through the surrogacy
process and become an intended parent, but for now, it hurts.

So what to do? Here are a few tidbits Shared Conceptions thinks
may help soothe those hurting hearts.

Take care of you. 
Put yourself first.  If you can,
make a brief appearance at the Mother’s Day or Fathers Day festivities and then
go do something to make YOU happy. 
Contemplate and think about if surrogacy is best for you. 
Reflect on what will make you ultimately happy.  


Communicate with your significant other. While some people
are able to compartmentalize their baby struggle with little effect on their
day-to-day lives, others find it consumes their every thought and decision,
alienating them from the community and activities that were once so
meaningful.  As a result, some couples
find they disagree on the importance of attending family functions, adding tension
to their relationship at a time when they need each other for understanding and
support. Try and commit to listening and acknowledging each other
views, and brainstorm together on the best solution for both of you. As your
preferred surrogacy agency, Shared Conceptions is here to listen to your
concerns as you think about navigating surrogacy.

Create your own occasion. 
Mark the day with your significant other or close friends by doing fun activities.  Walk in the woods, create an intimate day
with your partner, go for a bike ride, take a weekend away at a spa or lock the
doors and watch movies and order pizza or Chinese food.  Try something new or settle on an activity
that has been gratifying in the past. 
Whatever you choose, take comfort in knowing you can still take charge
of your parenting life by researching and choosing surrogacy as a viable option
to building the family you have often envisioned.

When family building plans are delayed or derailed, take Mothers or Fathers Day as an opportunity to remember your
accomplishments and the people in your life who have been so supportive.  After all, you haven
lost your talents and abilities just because you
re not a
parent.   Take time to salute the
amazing  parts of your life and
relationships. When you are ready, contact us at Shared Conceptions and we can
discuss surrogacy and the journey to parenthood. Until then, keep on
celebrating you!