As our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception, prepares for the holiday season, we are thankful and grateful for our family, friends, colleagues, intended parents and surrogate mothers. We are thankful for all of you! We won’t keep you long on this Black Friday but we did want to leave you with these thoughts from a pregnant blogger, Taza.

“I’m a true believer that life is all about perspective.  I can focus on my blessings, or I can focus on the ones I don’t  have. There have been times in my life when I’ve  only focused on what I hadn’t yet reached, or didn’t have, always feeling like I’d be happy or grateful once I reached a certain point or a certain something happened, etc etc. but as I’ve gone through some bigger personal trials and obstacles in my life, I’ve realized the energy it takes to just be down about them all day long is too overwhelming and exhausting for me to take.  Sometimes it’s easier to let things go and trust in God and make a choice every day to be happy. I don’t have this sort of mentality down 100%, but when I work towards it, I’m aware of how much easier it is to get through my day to day, and I think I’m  a little bit more pleasant to be around, too. 😉

I’m  thankful for my life, my beautiful growing family, and the chance to live in my favorite city. I’m  thankful to be pregnant, for good food, for music and the holidays, for donuts even if I eat too many of them…I’m thankful for smaller sillier things like dry shampoo and maternity jeans and christmas lights and good smelling candles. I’m thankful for the working subway elevators, the express trains, the few but so good and so loyal friends of mine who are always there and always have my back.  I’m  thankful to be a daughter of God, to be a woman, to be a mother. I’m  thankful for this season, and thanksgiving in particular, because it’s always a nice time to take into account what a beautiful world this one really is, even with all its ups and downs, and how much we have to be thankful for.”

Before the hustle and bustle of this holiday season gets into full swing, Shared Conception encourages us to take a deep breath, look around your life and be thankful.