Deborah L. Cohen shares the story of Maragret DiSantis in an article she wrote on the rising number of surrogacy births despite the costs.

DiSantis always wanted to be a mother but had no idea she would have to sell her house, drop out of business school and move back in with her parents to achieve her dreams of motherhood.

Surrogacy costs are always in addition to any IVF treatments or egg retrieval or donor costs.

Cohen says that intended parents are primarily upscale professionals with more than enough discretionary funds. Even then, the costs are still relatively high and many IPs are left to develop creative self-funding methods or take out loans. DiSantis had a six-figure salary and still found it necessary sacrifice financially in order to fulfill her desire to become a parent.

Typical surrogacy costs at Shared Conception runs about $70,000 to $125,000 here in Texas. Costs include agency fees, the surrogate’s medical screening, psychological evaluations, insurance costs, attorney fees to draft the legal documents and of course the surrogate’s compensation and other expenses.

Many travel to Texas from other states because surrogacy is more affordable than similar services offered on the East and West coasts. It also helps that Texas is considered a very surrogate friendly state.

DiSantis’ is undeterred by her unusually high surrogacy fees and financial sacrifices due to a few miscarriages; she said she would gladly do it all over again.

Choosing to grow your family through surrogacy is not only an emotional decision; it’s also a financial one. We can help you weigh through all of your options and develop a solution that’s right for your family.