nestingIn the natural world, the instinct to create a safe and nurturing environment for impending arrivals is universal. From mother cats and dogs to expectant birds, this phenomenon, commonly known as nesting, is a primal urge deeply ingrained in various species. Remarkably, even human moms-to-be experience this compelling instinct as they prepare to welcome their little ones into the world. But what about surrogate mothers? Do they, too, experience the nesting instinct? In this blog, we discuss the intriguing realm of surrogate parenting and the surprising phenomenon of nesting.

The Surrogate’s Role: Surrogacy is a profound act of selflessness, where a woman carries a child for intended parents, helping them realize their dream of family and parenthood. While the baby will ultimately go home with the intended parents, the surrogate still experiences the remarkable journey of pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. And just like any expectant mother, surrogates can also find themselves caught up in the whirlwind of nesting.

The Nesting Instinct Persists: The burning question often arises: Do surrogate mothers still encounter the nesting instinct? The answer is a resounding “YES.” Surrogates, in fact, commonly experience this instinctual urge to prepare their surroundings for the new life they’re carrying. The act of nesting is not reserved for those who will raise the child but extends to those who are nurturing it in their wombs. It’s a natural process driven by hormones and biological cues, and it’s not swayed by the understanding that the child will eventually be handed over to the intended parents.

The Power of Nesting: The nesting instinct during pregnancy is a powerful force. It propels pregnant mothers, including surrogates, to embark on a journey of swift productivity. Suddenly, the garage gets swept out, stray socks find their pairs, and grout lines in bathrooms are meticulously attended to with toothbrushes. This occurrence is a testament to the innate desire to create a safe and clean environment for the soon-to-arrive baby. For surrogate mothers, it’s a manifestation of their deep connection to the life growing within them.

Embracing the Experience: Every surrogate’s journey is unique, and not all may experience the nesting instinct during their pregnancies. However, for those who do, it’s a special moment to be cherished. While the specific baby might not remain with the surrogate after birth, the emotional connection formed during pregnancy is undeniable. It’s a testament to the profound bond that develops between a surrogate and the life she carries, regardless of the eventual destination of the child.

Surrogacy is remarkable and transcends traditional definitions of motherhood. The nesting instinct, a universal experience, remains a part of this journey for many surrogate mothers. It’s a beautiful reminder that the act of nurturing a life goes beyond biology and extends to the emotional realm. Shared Conception encourages surrogate mothers to embrace the moments of nesting as an integral part of their unique experience. Ultimately, it’s a great reminder of the extraordinary act of helping another family complete their own. If you have any questions about the surrogacy process, please contact us.