In order for
Shared Conception to  provide a
successful surrogacy agreement, it is important that the Intended Parents be
flexible, emphatic and ready to respond to this exciting  surrogacy situation with resilience,
excitement and strength. This is why
we will gently ask questions about how the intended parents make decisions, observe
how they treat their surrogate mother and the staff of a surrogacy agency, as
well as review their lifestyle history which usually helps to reveal
personality traits.

For us, It is extremely important to find out and assess how the
Intended Parents came to the choice of having a baby through surrogacy. The
majority of Intended Parents prefer surrogacy because:

– They wish to have a child / children, who would be related to
at least one of them genetically,

– They may also wish to take part in the pregnancy as well as in
the delivery process,

– They desire to know and feel comfortable with the birth mother
of their child / children;

– They need to avoid all possible fears regarding the possibility
of returning the infant / infants to his or her surrogate family,

– There is lack of adoption opportunities in the state or
country, in which the Intended Parents reside.


The next important part of getting to know the Intended Parents
is their perception of the surrogate mother and their desire for the surrogacy
contract. It is extremely important for the peace and resolution of all
surrogacy agreement participants, if the Intended Parents will cordially
interact with their surrogate mother as well as trust her, like her and be
appreciative of her. The difficult and intense process of achieving conception,
the long pregnancy term, as well as the future years of reflection will
certainly be based on the Intended Parents being comfortable with their
potential surrogate mother.

Here at Shared Conception we believe it’s important to get to
know more about the intended parents
beliefs and plans for the future.
What are they going to tell their child /children, and what will they tell
other people? Answers such as these can help us see the couples
resolution and readiness for this amazing
journey on which they are about to embark!