It has been said that you start
your own life, not wait for someone to start it for you. Many single
males are doing just that, jump-starting their own lives and not waiting for
“Mrs Right” to appear before starting a family. Many of these men go
to  a surrogacy agency such as Shared Conception to start the process of
selecting the best surrogate who may have his baby. “David”  is
one of these single dads who has successfully found  the right surrogate
and is now a proud single father. 

*Time and again, on his morning commute,
David found himself scowling about the night before–yet another dead-end date.
There he was, a successful 39-year-old, with a flourishing ophthalmology
business and a decent income. All he wanted was to fall in love and start a
family–unlike so many men, he actually wanted to commit. But he never was
lucky in love.

“I had a few relationships, but
nothing ever lasted more than a year,” David shrugs. “I don’t know
why. Maybe I’m too focused on my work. Maybe it’s because I live in Flint,
Michigan–I’m sure it’s easier in New York. Also, you know, I started off
looking for a Jewish girl. Out here, we call them JAPs: Jewish-American
Princesses. I wasn’t so picky after a while.”

Every day, he would pass a billboard on
his drive to work: “Dream of having a family but can’t?” So one
morning, after “the date that broke the camel’s back,” he decided to
pay the advertised agency a visit.

That was in 2002. Now he is the father
of twin boys, 15 months old–Philip and Benjamin.

“Believe me, it’s not an easy
decision,” says David. Unassuming and soft-spoken, he seems an unlikely
candidate for such a bold step. But behind his modest demeanour lies a grim
determination. “I had to try five times over 3 years before my surrogate
got pregnant but she finally got pregnant!’


For David, it was an long and yes,
somewhat costly experience, but the outcome is exactly what he desired. He has
his boys, he has his family.  Shared Conception can help you fulfill your
familial desires. Connect with us and find out how. 

*with excerpts from Sanjiv Bhattacharya