Finding and choosing a surrogate mother suitable for in vitro fertilization (IVF) may be closer than you realize. Finding a donor who can successfully complete the IVF process can be long and trying. But for a few women, their surrogates were closer than the neighbor next door, their own mothers acted as their surrogate.

The story of Kristine Casey, Sara Connell, and son, Finnean is just one of many heart-warming mother-daughter surrogate successes. Daughter Sara had experienced numerous miscarriages and disappointments trying to conceive. Her mother Kristine at 61 years old was more than her daughter’s surrogate mother; she became the vessel of life so that her daughter could share in the joys of motherhood. The experience offers mothers and daughters the opportunity to bond in an extraordinary way, a way that allows families to grow and flourish beautifully.

Cindy Reutzel, at the age of 53 became a surrogate for her daughter Emily. Emily had cervical cancer that resulted in a radical hysterectomy. The two didn’t think surrogacy was a realistic option but thanks to advancing technology in the field of in vitro transplantation, older women can carry a child to full term.
Finding a surrogate mother may be closer than you realize!

The surrogacy process for young grandmothers like Kristine includes a series of hormonal and fertilization injections, as well as psychological tests to ensure the overall health of the baby. Although age is a major determining factor, even women who have entered menopause can also conceive healthy babies.

The surrogacy pregnancy process is one to be proud of, especially when the woman carrying your child is your very own mother.