reasons to be a surrogateWhen deciding if surrogacy is the right option for you, naturally, you will want to weigh out the pros and cons. We have made your decision process a little bit easier by listing our top ten reasons to become a surrogate.

We will count down from ten to our number one reason!

Number 10: your last pregnancy was a breeze. One of the requirements to be a surrogate mother is to have had a previous successful pregnancy.

Number 9: Helping intended parents become parents is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give.

Number 8: You get to enjoy all the beautiful parts about being pregnant while getting to skip the changing diapers, potty training, and sleepless nights!

Number 7: Remember those personality tests we all used to take? If you were often classified as a giver—being a surrogate mother is a great way to give.

Number 6: Being a surrogate mother pays you to give the gift of life

Number 5: When pregnant, you have all the justification you need to eat your favorite weird food combos!

Number 4: You find modern medicine to be interesting.

Number 3: You hate infertility and the pain it causes those wishing to start their own families.

Number 2: Maternity clothes are always super comfortable.

Number 1: Babies are an absolute blessing to those who cannot have them on their own.

While we do list some great reasons to become a surrogate, we truly understand being a surrogate mother is a very personal choice that is made for varied and numerous reasons. One thing for certain is the joy that you will bring to an intended family should you choose to be a surrogate mother will validate whatever your reasons may be.

If you have questions about becoming a surrogate mother, please visit our Surrogate Mother FAQs page. If you are interested in learning more about surrogacy options or are interested in becoming a surrogate mother, please contact us at 713-622-1144, and we will be here to help you with any questions.